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Alam-Kuh (also called Mount Alam) is a giant rocky mountain. It is the second highest peak of Iran after Mount Damavand. The altitude of Alam Koh is 4850 masl. Its situated in the hart of Takht-e Suleyman Massif, sub-range of central Alborz Mountains. It is located in Kelardasht District of Mazandaran Province in north of Iran.

Trekking Alam Kouh in summer season
Trekking Alam Kouh in summer season
Photo by Azad Mountaineering Group

How to Climb Alam Kooh
South Route
There is no shelter/refuge on the south face of the mountain, therefore you need tent for camping in Hesarchal area. Hesar-Chal via Marjikesh trail is known as the normal route of this beautiful mountain, it is the best trail and the easiest way to Alamkouh summit and Shakhak peaks. Ascent to the summit by this way is also shorter.

Difficulty and mountain climbing grade of south route is Class III, none technical and no struggling with rocks. In summer season Hesarchal route is easily accessible. Drive by a 4WD car from Vandarbon to Tang-Galou, then by about 2 hours trek on the mild slops reach Hesarchal camping area.

Alam kooh Trekking South Route Map
Alamkooh Trekking South Route Map
Map by Ardeshir Soltani

North Route
The North face of Alam-kuh has a shelter called Sarchal refuge. There was an old shelter called Alamchal refuge witch was collapsed many years ago. Siah Sangha (black stones) is the easiest route to the peak from the north side of Alam-Kuh. Ice, snow and weather conditions may make it a difficult hike. Ascend from Alam-Chal Glacier 4200m to the Siahsang pass 4400m, it is a steep slope. Then trek to Siah Sang Peak 4600m, there is a rocky ridge and go ahead until you reach the southern slopes, go around (bypass) the Shakhak peak and reach the Alam Kooh summit.

From Tehran to  Caspian Sea Road Map Either by Chalous Road or Haraz Road
From Tehran to Caspian Sea Road Map
Either by Chalous Road or Haraz Road
Map by A. Soltani

Rock Climbing
On the north face of the Alam Mountain there is famous vertical granite wall which rises up about 600m to the summit. Alam kouh wall is one of the tallest wall of Iran and is well known to have the highest altitude at base (about 4200), no other wall in Iran is located on a higher place than Alam-Kooh wall. This wall is an ideal place for rock climbing.

AlamKoh Difficulty and Climbing Grade
Southern Slopes: Steep covered with boulders, scree, glaciers. 
North Routes (wall
): Class five high altitude technical climbs, hard struggling with rock, ice and rock falls.

South Routes in Summer: easy class three climbs.
All Routes in Winter: Difficult and technical, high avalanche risk and rock falls.

AlamKouh Technical Info MDFR09JAN02B

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